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​Companies that will experience a significant stall point
Loss of Market Valuation
**Companies who survive a stall point

Hint: It's likely not your VP of Sales' fault


You are not alone.

87% of organizations will experience a significant decline in sales growth at some point in their development. The symptoms can be difficult to diagnose and often, by the time the root cause is identified, the impact on growth can be devastating.

In 9 out of 10 cases, these stalls are the direct result of misalignment between sales, marketing and corporate strategy. Simply stated, the internal sales structure, methodology, and market approach that brought initial growth have now become an impediment to future success. 

The good news: 82% of organizations that recover go on to experience over 65% growth in new markets. The key to success? Minimizing the time from identification to correction

​Sales Process

Legacy sales process can directly impact future sales success. When this occurs, the same processes and strategies that once drove sales now inhibit growth. Shifts in customer behavior, product lifecycle, and market saturation demand different strategies.

​Sales Tools

One size fits all rarely fits at all. In the world of sales enablement, tools, trainings and processes abound - but which one fits within your business, right now? Depending on what you choose, these tools can either jump start performance, or completely shut it down.

​Sales Team

Developing sales talent is challenging enough - retaining it can be even harder. As your client base grows, different skillsets become necessary and sales teams and their leaders often lack the experience to effectively create, develop and manage the shifting roles.

The stall point for many... is when they find themselves a (larger) organization trapped in the body of a (smaller) company." Ron Caruci 5 July 2016. HBR,  "Midsize  companies shouldn't confuse growth...(and) scaling."

The New Reality

  • In today's fast-paced, global marketplace, product lifecycle maturation and loss of competitive differentiation often occurs much more rapidly than anticipated.

  • When this occurs, the methodology and structure that led to early sales achievement can quickly become an impediment to further success – resulting in critical gaps in sales infrastructure and a misaligned sales acquisition strategy.

  • Left unchecked these gaps can create a significant sales stall, with 87% of organizations affected experiencing an average loss in valuation of 74% .

About Us. About You.

At Wheeler-Wilkins, our unique blend of observation, assessment, data analysis, benchmarking and 1:1 interviews provides a real-time snapshot of critical infrastructure gaps and an impartial view into your organization's efficiency, mobility and cohesiveness.

We work with you and your sales leadership team to design and facilitate an executable roadmap - developing real-time strategies which support your organizational goals, and assuring that the sales structure in place accurately addresses the unique needs of your salesforce while providing a platform for sustainable growth.

Think of us as an extension of your sales leadership team - with decades of insight combined with insight from the first 100 days in role, but without the bias of a full-time employee.

You might call our services a miracle. Our clients call us Wheeler-Wilkins.