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Sales Metrics That Matter...

What if I told you 10 calls a day could change your life? Here’s how.

At the beginning of a new month, I’d receive a full month’s allotment of days to spend. After the mad dash at month’s end, I felt the luxury of weeks ahead-I was rich with days!

And yet, by mid-month, I’d find myself panicked. Pipeline short, I’d ramp up my calls, and work hard to get some appointments on the books. Where had all the time gone?

Over the years, I slowly learned that no matter how many hours I work, my clients only take calls 8 hours out of the day.

I learned the hard lesson that time and money spend the same at the beginning of the month as they do at the end of the month. And if you’re not careful, both will be gone before you know it.

Remember; achieving quota is a result, activity is the goal and metrics are the measurement. Strong sales systems and consistent sales performers have alignment between metrics, outcomes, forecast and revenue targets. Activity gives activity. Aligned activity drives results.

Metrics matter.

The good news is that even incremental effort can create exponential results. There is power in compound interest and there is power in sales focus. Believe in the power of incremental change. You can do it!

Raleigh Wilkins
Raleigh Wilkins

VP of Sales Enablement and Chief Sales Architect at Wheeler-Wilkins

February 02, 2018

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